About the Author

Lance Grimstone was born in Sydney in 1948, but did all his growing up in Bowen, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. From the moment he learnt to write, Lance put his thoughts on paper – poetry, essays, stories. National service interrupted his civil engineering studies and he served in Vietnam with the Royal Australian Artillery until medically evacuated just short of a full tour.

Lance went back to university to re-start his career, this time in geology. He married and headed bush to join Queensland’s emerging coal industry. Having retired as a senior industry figure, Lance can finally pursue his first passion – writing. Many of his early pieces form the seeds of his novels today. And if he needs further inspiration, he finds it riding the waves on his old Malibu at Straddie, or travelling the world in search of new characters and places, or playing with his grandchildren in the backyard.

The Courier-Mail, 12th March, 2008