Trudi from Holland

Dear Lance, I have read the pages of your book with pleasure, and I recognized also Dirk and Maya. I think that the whole book was so interesting and nice. I ordered two more copies of your book, also one for my sister Nan. Maybe we will see you when you come back to Holland.  Best regards from Trudi

Mick yet again

Lance, John Van Shangan is a carpenter/builder who has been working at home for some months on renovations.  He is very thorough and thinks about his work a lot.  He is Dutch and migrated to Australia in the 1970’s.  I gave him a copy of your book to read and it turns out that he came from a part of The Netherlands about 20Km  from where your book is set.  He was very interested in your book and it has brought back all sorts of memories some related to your book and some unrelated.  He has given me some DVDs to look at of matters along similar lines. Lita P has also asked for a copy of the book.  I have purchased a spare one and will pass it on to her. Regards, Mick


“I just finished your book. I really enjoyed it. I must admit that I got emotionally involved in it. I only started it on the weekend. Congratulations. Regards, Mick.”


“Well Lance, just to let you know I have spent the last week with some friends of yours….Maya and Dirk and of course, the gorgeous and brave Harry…it was a great read and even had a tear in the end…well done, great effort.. ….looking forward to your next one  .. Love Shelly”


” Lots of colour and pace make this a story hard to put down…. You are very good at making your characters into real-life, flesh-and-blood people, almost as if you were drawing them from life -individual characters who face up to life in different ways. I liked the very moving conclusion of the story which was told very realistically without it being just another tearjerker…..Richard.”

John A

“Mate, I’ve just finished the first book I’ve read in thirty years….if I put it down, it was because you brought me to tears…John  A”

Mick again

Lance, Just finished A Rain Of Ruin.  Really enjoyed it – fair bit of emotion. Thanks, Mick

Teresa and Peter

Dear Lance, We would lake to take an opportunity to wish you and your family Merry Christmas, and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011.  We also like to say thank you for your generosity for your books and extremely interesting conversation whilst on the barge. It was lovely to met you both last Sunday. I realy admire the people like you and we wish you all the best. Teresa and Peter

David S

Dear John – re Lance Grimstone’s epic books (When the Tulips Bled, Brother Rats and A Rain of Ruin), I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Grimstone’s remarkable books and thank you for bringing them to my attention. They were all extremely well researched and brought together a real sense of those times. To be able to tie together all those threads and personalities in Brother Rats and A Rain of Ruin shows true understanding of the life and times so poignant to many of us today. Personally, it was of great interest as my own father was in the South Pacific theatre of war and was with the RNZAF in Bouganville, Solomons and those actions. In respect of the North African campaigns, my Dad’s close friend from early school days was a prominent member of the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) and is well recorded in the NZ official war records, ending up a Lt Colonel, before returning to his farming life post war. Myself, I was in 22 Bty, 6 Fd Regiment Artillery as a territorial in the mid-1960s where we progressed from 25 pounders to the more up-to-date howitzers. When the Tulips Bled was a great read also. I was familiar with much of the events but had not really realised just how horribly the Dutch were treated over a long time by the occupying power. Should you be in touch with Mr Grimstone, I should be most obliged if you would convey my congratulations for his first class works. Best Regards, David S.


“I just finished your book, When the Tulips Bled. I really enjoyed it. I must admit that I got emotionally involved in it. I only started it on the weekend. Congratulations. Regards, Mick.”